CADSTA Shadow Diagrams Module

Sun and shadow studies help architects, designers and town planners to analyse the effect of a building on its environment and the effect of the environment on the building to make sure the design satisfies building codes.

Sun and Shadow feature in CADSTA Arch can quickly generate analytical drawings to demonstrate whether the proposed building will have an impact on building site and its surroundings. These analytical drawings demonstrate how the sun will move across the site, helping designers to visualize, quantify and evaluate the design impact on its surroundings. They also show the effect of the Sun on the building itself.

This feature generates shadow profiles cast by buildings for any latitude, longitude and time of the year. In the Shadow Diagram dialog box, the designer can choose from a list of countries and cities, which the latitude and longitude are set automatically. The Shadow Diagram dialog box also provides an option to set the Sun angle by date, time, and place.

A shadow diagram allows us to view and calculate the amount of shadow cast by the proposed development.



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