CADSTA Wall Module

Architectural components created by CADSTA Arch are smart objects that interact with each other intelligently. For example, all intersections of connected walls are automatically cleaned up when drawing or editing. When a door is inserted into a wall, it automatically creates its own opening. If a door is deleted, the opening will automatically mend or self-heal.

Drawing walls is as easy as selecting wall type and picking points. CADSTA Arch provides a list of predefined wall types for common design purpose. New wall types can be created and added to the list. Properties of each wall type can be easily edited in the configuration dialog box.

The Draw Wall command is one of the many great features of CADSTA Arch. It can achieve multiple tasks in one single command.

- Create or customize a new wall type

- Select a predefined wall from the list

- Draw intelligent walls

- Walls are drawn with or without hatch patterns

- Automatic clean-up connected walls

- Cost estimation

Adding a door

Adding a window

Adding an opening

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