CADSTA Window Module

Architectural components created by CADSTA Arch are smart objects that interact with each other intelligently. For example, when a window is inserted into a wall, it automatically creates its own opening. If a window is moved or deleted, the opening will automatically mend or self-heal.

With CADSTA Arch, the user can insert and place windows and doors into drawings with more precise control. Windows and doors are inserted into the exact locations instantly upon placement. Window elevations and the window schedule can be easily generated by one command. In addition, The Schedule Manager command searches and monitors all windows and doors activities in the current drawing. The information displayed will be automatically updated when a door or window is erased, modified and / or added.

CADSTA Arch provides a set of pre-defined window styles for common design purpose, as well as an user-friendly interface for customization of new window styles. Any window profiles or features can be added, edited or removed at any time to meet specific needs.

The window dialog box provides an easy and fast way to select and configure window style, size, materials, settings of window sill, sash and mullion etc. It also provides an option of automatic window numbering. 

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